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Sex Dolls

Although created for personal pleasure, sex dolls, or blow up dolls, are breaking out of their intended modus operandi. Indeed, long gone are the predictable roles and common gap-mouthed, blank-faced plastic contraptions. Instead, dolls are saving lives and entering into the world of politics. Here are a few strange but true sex doll shenanigans: At the Sex Culture Festival in China, a sex doll was unveiled clad in a navy blue suit and bearing the face of the United States President Barack Obama. Also in China, sex dolls have been known to save lives. Such is the case in the attempted Shanghai suicide in which a man by the name of Yang jumped out of his flat window, only to land on his sex doll, who broke his fall and spared his life. Across the globe, in Italy, a heartbroken business man paid the equivalent of £15,000 for an exact replica of his ex-girlfriend. According to the manufacturer, everything was replicated from the shape of her nails to her teeth. Further afield, a Florida man was arrested for performing sex acts with two dolls in the backseat of his car. When questioned by police, the man said he had brought the dolls out to purchase clothes for them.

04 January 2011

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