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Wild sextoy games in the morning

Sweet Awakening: The start of the day is your best time for boisterous sextoy games.

Surprise pre-breakfast

The sun woke me. Or was it the children, joking around the front of the house on the street? No matter. I'm awake, and I want to play! And you? You sleep.

It's just after seven. Too early to wake up. Too early to attack you with my needs. I close my eyes. Maybe I can sleep a little. You breathe calmly. Could I probably sometimes appear in your dreams?

I approached you; press my body against yours, my breasts on your back. How well you feel. So warm, so strong. I smell you, the familiar scent on your neck. Your hair tickles my nose. I stroke your thighs, your chest, and your stomach.

I dare to go deeper, even if it itches my fingers. I gently press myself against you, I rub on you. Do you feel the hot wave that is coursing through my body? I can, I need redemption, immediately.

When I get my sextoy from my night table drawer, I hear a soft chuckle, "Can I play too?” you ask and pulling me to you.

03 May 2011

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