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Affectionate in the early hours

When the dawn goes slowly into the night, your erotic sensors are particularly susceptible.

The desire to enjoy with all senses

Your silhouette in the evening light. A slight gust of wind pushes the light summer dress against her breasts, her stomach and her thighs. I dream of the wind to be, which penetrates through the fabric of her dress and caressed her skin. Like an invisible spirit, of whose existence they had no idea, goes through the silky veil of her underwear.

Innocent in their ignorance they can not it just that I touch in this way to their most secret places, but also enjoy the cool thrill of driving the blood under her skin and goes up the tiny hairs. Redden her lips, her heart beats faster, with half-closed eyes, they are to fall for the gossamer touch that flows around her body.

My hug does not mind, would be perfect if ... Then she looks up. Her gaze searching seems to me to see through. Slowly, she comes up to me. Behind her sinks the day. "A penny for your thoughts,” she says softly. I get dressed and while I trusted their scent perceive, I confess. Everything.

03 May 2011

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