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Wild sextoy games in the morning - 03/05/2011

Sweet Awakening: The start of the day is your best time for boisterous sextoy games.

Surprise pre-breakfast

The sun woke me. Or was it the children, joking around the front of the house on the street? No matter. I'm awake, and I want to play! And you? You sleep.

It's just after seven. Too early to wake up. Too early to attack you with my needs. I close my eyes. Maybe I can sleep a little. You breathe calmly. Could I probably sometimes appear in your dreams?

I approached you; press my body against yours, my breasts on your back. How well you feel. So warm, so strong. I smell you, the familiar scent on your neck. Your hair tickles my nose. I stroke your thighs, your chest, and your stomach.

I dare to go deeper, even if it itches my fingers. I gently press myself against you, I rub on you. Do you feel the hot wave that is coursing through my body? I can, I need redemption, immediately.

When I get my sextoy from my night table drawer, I hear a soft chuckle, "Can I play too?” you ask and pulling me to you.

Affectionate in the early hours - 03/05/2011

When the dawn goes slowly into the night, your erotic sensors are particularly susceptible.

The desire to enjoy with all senses

Your silhouette in the evening light. A slight gust of wind pushes the light summer dress against her breasts, her stomach and her thighs. I dream of the wind to be, which penetrates through the fabric of her dress and caressed her skin. Like an invisible spirit, of whose existence they had no idea, goes through the silky veil of her underwear.

Innocent in their ignorance they can not it just that I touch in this way to their most secret places, but also enjoy the cool thrill of driving the blood under her skin and goes up the tiny hairs. Redden her lips, her heart beats faster, with half-closed eyes, they are to fall for the gossamer touch that flows around her body.

My hug does not mind, would be perfect if ... Then she looks up. Her gaze searching seems to me to see through. Slowly, she comes up to me. Behind her sinks the day. "A penny for your thoughts,” she says softly. I get dressed and while I trusted their scent perceive, I confess. Everything.

Strap Ons - 05/04/2011

Experience the Ultimate Fantasies with Strap-Ons, Superior Sex Toys for Women.

With the huge selections of quality sex toys on the market ranging from the latest vibrators to top quality strap ons women can have the ultimate sexual experiences. Having fun with others can be enjoyed by wearing strap on sex toy accessories designed in a variety of colors, sizes and lengths to choose from. The best orgasms can be achieved through penetration, so if you are women that prefer same sex with a partner, using a quality strap-on is the perfect accessory to allow you to provide the stimulation she will enjoy to the maximum.

Finding top quality sex toys can be done online where you can locate reputable online sex shops offering strap ons to suit the most discerning tastes. Those that enjoy lesbian relationships will find the perfect collection to give either partner a chance to play the dominant role in full penetration. Sex Toys can now be purchased discreetly online and delivered to your door in unmarked packages. Achieve mind shuddering orgasms using strap-ons with a partner, have fun with quality stylish vibrators and choose a variety of complementing accessories all in the comfort of your own home.

Classic Vibrators - 25/03/2011

Quality Classic Vibrators, Vibrators for the Ultimate Pleasure.

When it is not possible to enjoy sexual intimacy with a partner then the next best option is quality classic vibrators, vibrators that can give you endless pleasure. With some research online you can find a variety of great options colors, sizes and lengths to suit any personal tastes. Choose either battery powered or now even in rechargeable options.

When you want superior quality products of this nature or many others that can enhance masturbation or even pleasure when used with a partner you can find what you need using the convenience of internet technology. A reputable store will offer to ship your package unmarked to your desired location so that you can look forward to having fun reaching mind blowing orgasms.

The new selection of classic vibrators is vibrators with multiple speed settings, rigid or flexible options, and all manufactured to superior quality standards. Browse the best selection money can buy and buy a few different models so that you have one to suit every mood whether adventurous or just to soothe aching muscle for sexual stimulation and release.

Mens Sex Toys - 23/03/2011

Men Can Enjoy the Ultimate Sexual Pleasure using Sex toys With or Without a Partner.

There are huge selections of quality sex toys designed for both men and women currently on the market. Men now enjoy using sex toys as much as women when it is not possible to enjoy sexual intimacy with a partner. These accessories can additionally be used to enhance or delay orgasms allowing men to enjoy performing longer to pleasure their partners.

A selection of fabulous vibrating vaginas, cock rings, inflatable realistic dolls, flesh lights and even vibrators are just a few examples of exciting toys designed just for men. These may be found online where they can be ordered discreetly and sent in unmarked packages to your desired location. Masturbation pleasure with mens sex toys is increased by using realistic feeling latex vaginas, with additional features for the ultimate pleasure.

Use mens sex toys to spice up sexual intimacy with a partner and take pleasure to new levels. It is a great idea to invest in a few different models so that you have a toy to suit your mood and occasion no matter what your preference in a partner is. Alternatively buy superior quality inflatable dolls so that you can enjoy sexual stimulation as if you are with a real lady.

Rabbit Vibrators - 22/02/2011

They vibrate, they rotate, they pulse and they give you pleasure. Rabbit vibrators are some of the best known vibrators in the sex toy industry. Their unique design boasts of an additional attachment, a vibrating feature connected to the dildo that stimulates the clitoris with pulsating silicone pieces that resemble bunny ears. Rabbit vibrators have taken the sex toy world by storm since they were first created and are the centre of discussion at most sex toy parties the world over.

Rabbit vibrators combine the best components of dildos and normal vibrators to provide a treat like none other. The shaft is often filled with rotating metallic beads, the length of a rabbit vibrator is extended to reach the most intimate of orgasm-inducing places, and the bunny ears provide enhanced excitement.

Because of the rabbit vibrator's ability to give users "all-around" stimulation and to pleasure both internally and externally simultaneously, rabbit vibrators remain one of the best selling sex toys of all time.

Glass Dildos - 07/02/2011

Glass dildos are sexy, sleek and naturally cool and the promise unending pleasure and excitement to users. Some people are a bit hesitant when it comes to using a glass dildo and often cringe when they think about inserting glass inside themselves.

While this is an understandable reaction, it's an unnecessary one. Glass dildos provide maximum comfort. The highly-tempered glass makes them smooth and durable for easy insertion. Of course, if you're looking to add a bit more texture to your playing, consider textured glass dildos. These toys feature a prominent composition in the form of a twist or bead-like nodules. This raised texture coupled with the overall smoothness of the glass dildo is a recipe for a perfect orgasm.

Another tick under the "Pro Glass Dildos" board, is that they are extremely easy to clean. Since the surfaces are smooth, sex toy cleaning products wipe right over the entire toy, ensuring cleanliness and proper hygiene.

Glass dildos are durable and long-lasting. A proper toy could keep you orgasming for years to come. All it takes is a little TLC and a lot of playing!

New Sex Toys - 24/01/2011

Searching for a different taste in sex life? want to see the extreme of your sexual pleasure? If your answers are yes, then you definately have come to the right place. Browse through the differnt categories for your choice of the unlimited pleasure through our different kinds of sex toys. Our range is huge with different kinds, types, sizes and girth of vibrators with different intensities, speeds. Weather its Rabbit vibrator, fun vibrator, glass dildo or starp on, whether you prefer dildos or dongs our vast range would find you a perfect match for your search. Like to have some bondage fun? or want to stimulate the G Spot? want a lubricant or some jelly material? double ended dildo or some rings for your cock? having a mood for spanking or want the beeds to be plugged in? Our range is huge and we are certain that your pleasure would be fully justified from our vast range of kits available. Check out the sex enhancers and the gift ideas where we have the range for both men or women. If you are looking for the gay sex section or want some sexy Lingerie our different sections would give you the right choice to achieve the acme of pleasure. To reach the peak of pleasures by seduction we have the best range of choices available, e.g. movies and books, realistic vaginas, sleeves and rings, masturbators and pumps, clit teasers, fingers and nipple plays etc. The choices are unlimited and the heights of sexual pleasure are just a few clicks away.

Sex Dolls - 04/01/2011

Although created for personal pleasure, sex dolls, or blow up dolls, are breaking out of their intended modus operandi. Indeed, long gone are the predictable roles and common gap-mouthed, blank-faced plastic contraptions. Instead, dolls are saving lives and entering into the world of politics. Here are a few strange but true sex doll shenanigans: At the Sex Culture Festival in China, a sex doll was unveiled clad in a navy blue suit and bearing the face of the United States President Barack Obama. Also in China, sex dolls have been known to save lives. Such is the case in the attempted Shanghai suicide in which a man by the name of Yang jumped out of his flat window, only to land on his sex doll, who broke his fall and spared his life. Across the globe, in Italy, a heartbroken business man paid the equivalent of £15,000 for an exact replica of his ex-girlfriend. According to the manufacturer, everything was replicated from the shape of her nails to her teeth. Further afield, a Florida man was arrested for performing sex acts with two dolls in the backseat of his car. When questioned by police, the man said he had brought the dolls out to purchase clothes for them.

Vibrator Kits - 29/12/2010

Been searching for that perfect vibrator and can't decide? Want to enhance your pleasure with multiple toys, each offering a varying speeds and intensities? Try one of our vibrator kits! Each kit comes with a selection of toys sure to make you sing with pleasure. Our Ultimate Orgasm Kit promises just that: the ultimate orgasm with the aid of different vibrators of dildos of varying length and girth, a variety of vibrators, butt plugs and cock rings, you are on your way to the pinnacle of pleasure! Maybe you and that special someone are looking for ways to spice up your lovemaking but don't know where to begin. Consider the My First Couples Kit for a step in the right direction. This kit a vibrator and cock ring meant to empower both of you as you reach your orgasm.

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