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Anal SexToys - 25/12/2010

The world of anal sex is filled with sextoy options for both men and women. From butt plugs to anal beads, to anal vibrators, you are likely to find a sex toy to aid you in engaging in your desires and fantasies. If you're just beginning to dabble into the world of anal pleasures and need a bit of coaxing, the butt plug is the place to begin. A butt plug is usually a dildo shaped piece of plastic with a wide handle. Once inserted, with the aid of lubricant, it stays in place providing hours of pleasure. Anal beads are a string of jelly beads that are inserted into the anus. During climax, the beads are removed at varying speeds to enhance the orgasm. Like the butt plug, anal beads should be well lubricated before insertion. Anal vibrators are shaped and perform similar to vaginal vibrators. Choose a vibrator that performs in accordance with the type of pleasure you would want to receive. As always, be sure to use proper lubrication and play safely.

Vibrators - 25/12/2010

The desire to enhance one's sexual routines is common and many people therefore seek the aid of vibrators. Although, you may want to enhance and liven up your sex life, you may find that purchasing vibrators from a shop makes you uncomfortable. Today, there are many types of vibrator available for sale online, including more expensive toys and cheaper, more basic sex toys for those just starting out. Buying vibrators online is a relatively simple task. Be sure that you are making your purchase from a trusted site or company. Do a bit of research before you make your purchase to determine what type of vibrator best suits you sexually and what will best fit in with your budget. Buying a vibrator does not have to bankrupt you. Luckily, vibrators purchased online tend to be cheaper than those purchased in person directly from a shop.

Dildos - 17/12/2010

We all have the right to pleasure and pursuing that pleasure shouldn't bankrupt you. That's why, at Sextoy Secrets, you can find an impressive array of fun and affordable dildos! Our dildos retain their superior quality and will provide you with hours of pleasure and stimulation while being competitively priced. If you don't have much spare money for your dildo, you've come to the right place. For less than an average priced meal at a chippy, you can please yourself and your partner! For a jaw-dropping £3.53, you could be the proud owner of our Smoothy Prober, an eight-inch vinyl dildo with a 25mm girth. The fun doesn't stop there, however. Check out our extensive range of dildos in varying lengths, girths and colours for an ultimate pleasing experience.

Lube - 17/12/2010

Fun sex is safe sex and being safe is about remembering every potential hazard, from birth control to lubrication. When you've decided on your next sextoy from Sextoy Secrets, don't forget to purchase one of our lubricants to ensure that you play safely and receive an experience that's out of this world. Of course, lube isn't just for sex toys. We carry lubricants that can be used without toys as well and that are meant to enhance your natural juices. Consider our Climax Burst range with lubricants offering unforgettable tingling, warming, cooling and aphrodisiac sensations. If you're finding things a bit tight through the back door, we also stock anal lubes. Don't forget to check out our cocktail lubricants meant to enhance your oral experience!

Anal Sex Toys - 11/12/2010

Anal pleasuring can be just as intimate and fun as other types of pleasuring and at Sex Toy Secrets, we want to make sure you receive all the fun and the pleasure you desire! Our extensive range of anal sex toys includes butt plugs, dildos and beads and kits. We have classic butt plugs if you're a novice or if you prefer the original merchandise. For those looking to rev up their evening, we have expandable butt plugs and ejaculating butt plugs as well. When it comes to anal dildos, we've got you covered! Choose from remote controlled dildos, dildos with mechanized swirl tops and even prostate probes for heightened pleasure. Don't let the good times end there! We have a comprehensive selection of beads and kits including glow in the dark beads and super comfortable jelly beads.

G Spot Vibrators - 01/12/2010

Experience the Ultimate Orgasms with Quality G Spot Vibrators from

Many women struggle to achieve orgasms because most men do not know the right areas to stimulate in a woman’s vagina. online adult shop are pleased to offer the latest range of sensational G Spot Vibrators, designed with just the right angles to reach that special spot, which will give you a mind numbing orgasm, time and again. Use it alone, or show your partner just where you would like to be stimulated during those special intimate moments.

Grab the popular Ultra G 7 Vibrator, and add a tube of smooth silky lube for shipping in discreet unmarked packages to your desired location. With such exceptional value for money, wide range and customer services, we know you will be back to visit in the near future, so bookmark our website now.

Gay Sex Toys - 16/11/2010

Sex Toy Secrets Adult Store are the leaders in Supplying Gay Sex Toys.

If you have been frustrated at finding that few adult stores online offer gay sex toys, this is a problem of the past now that you have discovered Gay men and lesbian ladies will find exciting toys available at exceptional value for money. We stock the latest strap on dildos, vibrators for men, anal beads and exciting bondage sex restraints for some examples. Show your love for your partner by surprising them with gay sex toys that enhance both your sexual pleasure like never before.

Sex Toy Secrets strive to satisfy the most discerning tastes in adult toys, stocking the latest on the market, the highest quality, and most importantly at the lowest prices. Enjoy extended penetration with a quality vibrating cock ring that adds sexual sensation for both partners.

Gay women will find exciting strap on dildos in a variety of colors for simultaneous stimulation that will leave you both breathless. Register a secure account for easy ordering and check back regularly for the newest, most exciting gay sex toys on the market.

Vibrators - 16/11/2010

Find Every Type of Quality Vibrators at Online Adult Store.

Finding the perfect vibrator for your discerning needs is simple when you shop at adult store. The selection on offer caters for women and gays in the latest models and old classic favorites. Browse this category to see all types of vibrators at the best prices you will find online. Vibrators are great tools for relaxing those aching muscles, or for self stimulation to achieve explosive mind blowing orgasms.

Every woman should own a quality vibrator for times when her partner is away, or when she needs safe sexual frustration release. Choose a portable vibrator model to keep in your handbag for discreetly soothing away stress, or a waterproof model for fun while bathing. are also pleased to be one of the few suppliers online offering the gay strap on vibrator models for sensational fun with your partner.

Choose the types of vibrators that appeal to you to find full details to help make your decision. After secure payment online, your order is shipped fast to your location in ordinary packaging so only you know what is inside.

Sex Restraints - 14/11/2010

Sex Restraints Provide the Ultimate Fun for Exciting Sex Games.

When your sex life becomes stale, it can be made exciting again by playing sex games using quality sex toys. Many partners enjoy the feeling of domination by a partner, and some fabulous sex restraints can be used to maximize the intimacy in your relationships. offers the best range you will find online, suitable for men, women, and the gay community. With the right techniques, sex toys can bring about explosive orgasms, prolong erections, and make masturbation alone the ultimate pleasure.

The collection of sex restraints on offer at will be found in the ‘Bondage’ category. Browse through collars and leashes, blindfolds to make domination even more deliciously exciting, and quality padded cuffs. These toys should be used with care, but with some imagination you can take sexual pleasures to heights you never thought possible. Take advantage of different restraints so that you can play different roles when taking turns to be the dominant partner.

Sex restraints we stock are the latest on the market, all manufactured from different materials to be the highest quality on the market. While shopping in our store, browse through amazing toys for men like fabulous realistic looking vaginas, cock rings, or order the best collections of dildos, vibrations and nipple clamps for women. Whether you use sex toys alone, or with a partner, enjoy sexual pleasure at new levels you never thought possible.

Nipple Clamps - 12/11/2010

Ladies, Spice up Your Sex Life With quality Nipple Clamps.

There are some fabulous sex toys on the market for men and women, and used with a little imagination they can enhance the enjoyment and pleasure for both partners. For example,women can intensify their pleasure by applying quality nipple clamps which can be found in a great selection from Go a step further and choose the vibrating clamps that will make you swoon with pleasure when you use them while masturbating, or with your partner. Have a look through a further collection of quality toys that will put back the spark in your sex life.

Many partners find that their sex lives become staleafter time, but with some inventiveness and the right sex toys, you can experiment to see what turns your partner on. is the leading choice for top quality, exceptional value for money sex toys, catering for the most discerning tastes. Find the latest dildos and vibrators for women, exciting cock rings and realistic vaginas for men, and even a selection of products for gays and lesbians for ultimate sexual pleasure.

Browse the exciting range of nipple clamps we have in stock, and order discreetly online for delivery directly to your door. Look forward to explosive orgasms with multiple sensations from your nipple clamps, and dildos while masturbating alone, or using them with your loving partners. Bookmark our store to stay abreast of exciting new arrivals we regularly add to our already extensive collection of sex toys for everyone.

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